What are prerolls?


We have all seen someone twist a perfect, seamless, clean-burning joint before. If you have rolled enough yourself, you may have even reached this height yourself. It takes practice, of course – plus a little luck, depending on the quality of the paper that you are using. Human error is unavoidable, though. One of the creases folds up, the paper crumbles somewhere in the middle, or your bud just isn’t smoothing out the way that it should be: whatever the cause, the outcome is all the same. You don’t get the joint that you want.

What is there to do about this?

For a long time, the answer to that question was nothing. There were no rolling paper alternatives. Talk about a bummer! If you wanted to toke on a fresh, satisfying jay, then you had to roll it up yourself or find someone who could. All of that has changed only recently, as prerolls and prerolled cones have appeared in dispensaries and head shops. For anyone who appreciates a joint, but not the stress that goes along with rolling, these things are like little miracles for your dankest flower.

You may be wondering What exactly is a preroll? Also, what makes the best prerolls? Let’s get into that.

At a high level, prerolls are simply prerolled joints that someone else (or something else – as is the case for machine-manufactured prerolls, which Jiwa cones never are) has rolled for you. These are rolling paper alternatives. You get all the high, without any effort. Doesn’t that sound fantastic? Even better, there are many different options to choose from when you are figuring out which preroll is best for you.

They are, for example, empty cones: prerolled cones. These come in a variety of sizes, like all of those that we create at Jiwa for the best prerolls possible, and they also come in different consistencies, again depending on the quality of the paper. If you get an empty cone, you are doing the packing but not the rolling. Using your finger or a small cardboard tube, you stuff your green into the empty cone, filling it up and then pressing or twisting it off at the top so that you can light it.

Another type of preroll is the prepack. This option is for the cannabis enthusiast who wants to do absolutely nothing other than spark up and enjoy. A prepack comes with the flower inside it. More and more often, prepacks will come with some sort of wax, oil, or other concentrate lining the inside or outside too. There are even prepacks that come with flower on the inside with oil and kief on the outside.

There are so many options for prerolled joints, it is worth looking into the other factors that determine the burn, the consistency, and the quality. After all, the flower and the cleanness of the roll don’t always tell you everything you need to know. Paper quality, as we mentioned, is going to make a huge difference for your joint. A preroll made of crummy, low-quality paper is not going to smoke as well or keep its shape as well as paper is sourced and handled responsibly.

This is the reason that at Jiwa, we pay careful attention to every step in our process, from sourcing to production to distribution. We have researched and tested our rolling papers extensively, running them through the most stringent quality assurance examinations in the industry. Because we understand how wide a gap there is between top-quality paper and all of the rest, we pursue the best-prerolled joints constantly.

During manufacturing, we take a similarly ambitious, no-nonsense approach. It may come as a surprise to some, but the way that we see it, cannabis enthusiasts deserve this level of professionalism in their joints. When the day is over, or when it’s just beginning, you should be able to light up a joint and relax, without worrying that your joint is going to boat in the middle or burn too quickly to the filter. This standard is possible only because of the effort and consideration that we put into our prerolls.

Sometimes, traditionalists will ask why someone would go with a preroll over the years of practice that world-class twisting takes. This is a fair question. At the same time, there are clear benefits to using a preroll and stuffing it with your latest pick-up or using a pre-pack and doing none of the work yourself at all.

First, prerolled joints are normally cleaner-burning than the joints that you roll by hand. You are getting a consistency out of prerolls that would have been impossible in years past. Straight, smooth hits: that is what you get out of a preroll every single time because you aren’t dealing with any of the obstacles that lose papers present.

On top of that, prerolls are more convenient than loose papers, making them the ideal rolling paper alternatives. You save time, which means that you get toasted a little bit sooner, and you don’t risk your roll turning into a disappointment. Instead, you can count on a top-quality smoke any time you light up, without any wait. You decide to burn one, and in no time at all, you are sinking into your couch, as mellow as can be.

So, what makes the best prerolls? There are two things to consider: the paper and the shape. If your cone is straight and even, much more so than you could have gotten by hand, then you are in for a nice session. Add to that paper tested and examined by experts and you are in for the nicest session. These two things determine the overall quality of your preroll. Make sure to consider them both when you are choosing the preroll that is right for you!

One more piece of advice: once you have settled on a preroll, look for the best bud you can find. The “best” bud doesn’t have to be the bud with the most THC or even the bud with the skunkiest taste. Instead, look for buds that you can grind up into chunks – not too big, not too shaky. Stuff them, throw on some tunes, and enjoy!



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